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Have you considered how a coach could help your staff?

Did you know that according to recent research, 90% of employees struggle to perform at work when they’re going through a divorce or break-up?

With around half of marriages ending in divorce, that could be a staggering statistic for your workforce.

Many businesses are making progress in employee welfare including mental health care and it’s not uncommon for companies to offer counselling or therapy services to their staff members. 

Divorce coaching is a specific type of help that involves listening, giving advice and sharing tools and techniques to help the client move forward quicker. Each client is given a weekly action plan to work through between sessions and these are designed to help the client regain confidence, clarity, independence or whatever else they need.

Employee sessions take place via Zoom but in-person sessions can be arranged in Manchester, West Yorks or County Durham.

If you are interested in discussing package options or want to find out more please get in touch by calling me on 01484 706848 or filling out the form below.

Email: info@nataliecookecoach.co.uk

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