Blog Post – Coping with work whilst going through a divorce

Coping with work whilst going through a divorce.

Recent stats suggest that 95% of people going through a divorce said their work suffered as a result

If you’ve been through or are going through a divorce, you’ll know it’s an incredibly painful process. It’s a form of grief that can affect your ability to function and perform as usual. This in turn can affect business. A recent article in The Times suggested more businesses should be encouraged to consider introducing policies to support their divorcing and separating employees. 


Businesses that support their staff through challenging times can expect higher levels of staff morale, which will lead to higher productivity levels, lower staff absence and greater staff retention.


My divorce and separation coaching will support employees through the most challenging of times. The aim is to fast-track employees through their recovery using tools designed to enable them to maintain performance and dial down negative emotions.


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